Welcome to PEP Asia 2017!

Thirty Six hours to go for PEP Asia 2017, and so many questions to be answered! :D

A sample: A three day conference? Isn't that a bit long? Isn't that a bit too short? Will there only be "talks" like TED Talks? Will this be only for inspiration? When are the workshops? What will do for so long in one place? How's the weather in Mumbai? Is that Darth Vader or Jerry Ghionis with an icelight? Without further ado, here are most of the answers.

April 21, 22, 23, three days of PEP Talks on the main stage at the Rang Mandir Auditorium in Bandra. This is where everyone will be seated and what your three day pass gets you full access to. You are free to walk in and walk out of the talks, but we urge you to stay put for the duration of each PEP talk! The main stage has a different theme for each day, and the topics spoken about will change according to the theme.

The things that change our work beyond the camera. Meet and listen to stories from titans of the industry with a collective experience of 70+ years and innumerable accolades including a Pulitzer prize. Portraits, emotion, sports, fashion, and weddings are just some of the genres these masters have excelled in. Jerry Ghionis, Brian Smith and Jesh de Rox will share their stories and rare insights into their work. 

And the end of the day, from 6-7PM, we will also have a rapid fire Pecha Kucha session. Pecha Kucha is japanese for "chit chat", and is a great format to share tiny stories to get to know the human side of the artists' lives. 


or the things that most conferences don't talk about. :)

From moving beyond selling pixels to selling prints, to the ideal workflow for wedding photographers (data management, disaster management, and everything in between), to sales, marketing, social media for the creative entrepreneurs. And finally a session close to my heart: listen to stories of Indian entrepreneurs who've made it big, not just in terms of revenues but by building meaningful businesses. The idea behind the business day was to ignite conversations within the audience, so we'll spend a great deal of the day off stage networking as well on stage with extensive Q&A sessions. 


While seminars around the world have a way of inspiring you, we've always found that most seminars are like listening to A R Rehman sing the national anthem. You feel inspired, you have goosebumps on your skin, and you feel truly patriotic, but you're not really sure about what to do for the country after that. 

Day 3 at PEP Asia is all about the doable parts of our life - techniques that you can incorporate in your photography immediately after the event. Listen to the young uprising stars of the global industry who are making a splash right now. We have two mystery speakers on this day because a lot of interest has come up for speakers on this day, we will reveal this little detail soon! :)


If this isn't all, we have intensive, dedicated workshops or PEP SHOPS as we call them! PEP Shops on Day 2 will have Brian Smith and Jerry Ghionis conducting interactive sessions with smaller audiences. Day 4 will have a slew of 8 workshops, pick carefully and if you are coming with a friend we advise you to split two workshops so you can compare notes after! :) 

Make friends

In fact, this stands true for all of PEP Asia, while the conference itself is going to be an amazing experience, it will be even better if you take time out with a few friends to look back and go through the flood on information that will come your way. As it is, we wedding photographers spend enough time alone with computers and cameras, this is a great opportunity to take our conversations with our peers beyond the usual client stories and gear talk. :) If you are looking for spaces to regroup after PEP Asia, reach out to us and we can help!

Take lots of notes!

We'll have a mobile app to help you navigate the flood of information and inspiration, but still take notes that speak out to you. You don't have to take down everything, but do take down the points that strike a chord with you. Our human minds are not structured in a linear manner, and any points written down by hand triggers that response that led to that point. 

Just the one thing

One of the best things I've heard on stage from any speaker was this: "I'll speak about a lot of things on stage today, but I urge you all to take away only *one* thing that you will definitely incorporate into your photography after this talk is done" - Franck Boutonnet, Silk INSPIRE 2016. That one thing differs from one person to the other, and it is vital for you to structure your implementation this way. Writing down 25 points from a talk is fine, but remember not to pursue all 25 at the same time! Every journey starts with one step, not ten. :) 

Stay focussed, and stay hydrated!

And remember that it's not what you learn on those days that matters but what you do with that information later. Stay in touch using Facebook groups and feel free to ask for critique and doubts as you go along. Self learning can be a lonely exercise, but thanks to social media, we have a plethora of ways to connect about the things that matter.

And finally, yes it'll be hot in Mumbai at that time with a low of 25c and a high of 33c, we recommend t shirts, shorts and comfy airy clothes. Oh and that is Jerry Ghionis with an icelight. 


- Joe

PEP Asia 2017's one day and three days passes are available for booking here.