The founder of Moment Design is coming to India, only for PEP Asia 2017

PEP presents Jesh De Rox



From meeting President Barack Obama, to documenting the lives of Syrian, Kurdish & Sudanese refugees, to traveling on world tour with rock n' roll bands, Jesh has spent his life exploring the planet, speaking with tens of thousands of people in over 30 countries on a mission to raise consciousness and spread ideas that lead to extraordinary, high-impact, beautiful lives. He is the inventor of "Moment Design". Read on to know more.


Moment Design is a philosophy, an approach. Moment Design is not about posing and asking questions: It’s about interacting with and relating to and sharing our humanness: the aliveness, the joy, the laughter, the warmth, the intimacy that we experience as human beings. 

It seeks to bring our attention back around to what really matters:

  • the genuine smiles we see on our client’s faces;
  • the contagious laughter we experience with them as they connect with a thought, a memory, a precious moment;
  • the beautiful affection they share with one another, with their loved ones right before our eyes…

When we trust that the POSSIBLE is right there in front of us, then hope wins, we win, they win, it’s a WIN, WIN, WIN for what matters most!

An emerging voice on the psychology of joy, wonder and connection, Jesh specializes in working with communities, brands and individuals to increase emotional intelligence in their message and workplace, building vibrant creative cultures that audiences can relate with and benefit from.

A beautiful review of Moment Design by Michelle, from Memories by Michelle

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jesh, he was a wildly successful wedding photographer who created a way to invite couples into a different kind of photography session, one that encouraged them to connect on a deeper level, sharing heartfelt words and emotions. The results are deeply moving images and couples that reported a renewed sense of connection. From a photography session no less! [...] 

Jesh started talking about a new way to embrace Beloved, which has grown from a couples-focused approach to welcoming portrait photographers, family photographers,  fashion photographers and everything inbetween. Within that shift had come a need for more inclusive language and so now Jesh is talking about “Moment Design.” It’s a subtle shift because Beloved has always been about creating a space for wonderful things to happen between people, in part by how you show up and also through actual conversations you instigate with your clients in front of the camera. 

Designing a moment doesn’t mean controlling it, physically or aesthetically designing it, it means (to me at least) being intentional about how you work with your clients to create a free space for them to be honest and real, to make it safe and comfortable for them to show up as themselves and share a side of their life that normally others don’t get to witness. Because, I believe, that’s where the important stuff occurs. And this is why I’m hung up on talking about mess or documentary or whatever.

Source: (thank you, Michelle!)

Jesh's work has garnered over 100 international awards and been featured in publications as diverse as Rangefinder and Huffington Post to the pages of Vogue and Elle.

PEP presents Jesh De Rox, talking on the main stage at PEP Asia 2017 on April 21, for the very first time in India. Book your three day pass now!

Jesh de Rox is also conducting a workshop for a small group of participants on April 24, for eight hours. Workshop details available here. Seats are very limited.